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Kim Hui

Philanthropist. Leadership Coach. Impact Entrepreneur. Having built global teams all my career, I discover the magic of leadership, teamwork, and personal growth. Here are a few nuggets of truth that summarize my learning: There is no easy path to success (surprise!). The key is mastering the art of turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Hone this mindset. Three keywords to live by: RELENTLESS SELF REINVENTION.

Dream BIG. Work Hard. Never Give Up! -- Kim Hui


This short video kicks off the NEW PARADIGM event held in Hong Kong, January 07 2017. A pan-Asia regional event, New Paradigm attracts over 6,000 entrepreneurs from countries including Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Produced & Written by Christy Hui / ActionFliks Media
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